Double Re-Loader System

The double re-loader system uses a set of vacuum pressure tanks to pneumatically discharge the vessel. The installation of an outloading boom also makes mechanical unloading possible. A double re-loader system for a self-discharging cement carrier uses air slides and pneumatic conveying to load and unload dry material. Material can be loaded for transport by an pneumatic or mechanical Loader. The central loading point with air slides, fitted with valves and drop-off pipes, distributes the dry material over the holds. Each hold of the ship is fitted with a sloped aeration bottom to collect cement in the centre of the hold. The vacuum pipe line is placed above the lowest point. Using vacuum flow (under pressure) created by vacuum pumps, material is conveyed to one of at least two re-loader tanks. The self-cleaning filters in the tank separate the air from the material. Once full, the tank is pressurised to convey the cement to shore pneumatically. Using two tanks in tandem allows for a nearly continuous flow. During mechanical unloading, material is conveyed towards the central loading point (cyclone) normally used for pneumatic loading. The dry material is directed to a vertical screw conveyor rather than holds. The material is moved up and drops into an air slide, which feeds the length-adjusting bellow. Key benefits Highly reliable pneumatic system Fully automated Designed for specific performance Continuous material flow Flexible re-loader arrangement above or below deck