Floating Terminal (CSP-F)

The CSP-F unit is an distribution unit for floating terminals. Receiving bulk material is distributed on land in bulk or via the terminal. The CSP-F system is a continuous conveying system that vacuums the material from the fluidized hold into the CSP unit. Filters in the CSP unit clean the air before it enters the vacuum pumps. A vacuum lock screw conveyor conveys the material at high capacity to a vertical screw conveyor which deposits the material into the outloading boom of the ship. The outloading boom with flexible loading bellows discharge the material onto an onshore conveying belt or directly into bulk trucks. The CSP-F unit is also available as an on deck ship unloader and will therefore be delivered with an with an long and highly manoeuvrable suction arm allowing uninterrupted unloading from the hold of the ship, whether a coaster or an inland vessel. The suction arm and the vacuum system pick up all the cargo right down to the bottom of the hold, thus minimising clean-up and maximising efficiency.