Road Mobile (CSP-R)

Due to the extreme flexibility of the Continuous Suction Pump (CSP) system a long line of simple non expensive installations possibilities are available. The Road Mobile CSP-R Unit is used as mini terminal, which unloads the cargo from the ship and conveys it direct to bulk trucks. The CSP road-mobile unloader complies with all existing road regulations within the European Union and most other countries. This allows it to move easily and swiftly from one port to another without special permits. The unloader carries all the necessary equipment on the trailer complete with either diesel or electric drive. CSP-R unloader capacities up to 125 tonnes per hour are available and are suitable for unloading 8000 DWT ships. The Continuous Suction Pump Road Mobile unloaders handle powdery materials such as cement, alumina, fly ash, gypsum, etc. without causing any dust nuisance. The vacuum system combined with the long reach of the suction arm enables dust-free operation. All CSP-R units are available with an long and highly manoeuvrable suction arm allowing uninterrupted unloading from the hold of the ship, whether a coaster or an inland vessel. The suction arm and the vacuum system pick up all the cargo right down to the bottom of the hold, thus minimising clean-up and maximising efficiency.