Cement Carrier

A self-unloader is defined as a vessel that has a bulk material handling system onboard which allows unloading at any terminal with a minimum of receiving facilities.

Carlsen has been a supplier of self-unloaders, bulk carriers and self-discharging cement carriers (SDCC) for almost a decade. Our systems have continuously proven themselves extremely reliable and easy to operate and maintain. Hundreds of ships and barges worldwide have been equipped with Carlsen loading and unloading systems.

To meet specific project requirement, we supply both pneumatic and mechanical loading and unloading systems. The unloading capacities may range from 100 TPH for barge unloading systems to over 1200 TPH for large self-unloading ships.

Several materials can be transported and conveyed with Carlsen material handling systems, including powders such as cement, fly ash, barite, bentonite, lime, gypsum, and so on. The dry bulk materials are transferred to the receiving storage facility in the most simple and cost-effective way possible.

The self-unloading ships or SDCC have a dry material handling system which allows them to discharge independently of any harbour, side loading or unloading systems, and to keep control over loading and unloading logistics in any weather conditions.

Please see our dry bulk material handling systems for self-unloading ships/SDCC or check out our CSP Type Shipunloaders at Dry bulk Terminals.

Self-discharging Cement Carrier advantages.
• Loads by gravity or by pressure from silo
• Self-discharging by own compressors and pumps by flexible hose to silo
• No weather delays
• Able load WC India during the monsoon
• No stevedoring / labour costs