Our various services

Carlsen offers advisory and consulting services for bulk handling as well as for automation systems:

  • upgrading or replacing existing systems
  • increasing system capacity
  • upgrading ship systems
  • system evaluation
  • converting conventional ships into dry bulk ships
  • installation/equipment inspection
  • master class/crew training
  • evaluating material handling solution concepts

All these services are delivered with an improvement/service report. Carlsen's experienced field service engineers can assist you in finding a cost-efficient and effective solution.

Engineering & Expertise
Engineering excellence is fundamental to the Carlsen mindset. We continuously refine our products to ensure that we offer our customers the most reliable, energy efficient, and cost effective material flow and bulk handling solutions on the market. We have a strong track record of developing new innovations designed to meet our customers’ real-world needs.

Application Expertise
With our extensive bulk handling engineering knowledge, we can help you put together a customized solution that ensures trouble-free operation and low lifecycle costs.

Contact us with any questions you might have regarding the performance of your Bulk handling system or equipment. Our network of experts are here to support you.

Research & Development
Our large corps of experienced design engineers ensures the steady flow of innovative solutions and top-quality bulk handling systems and products to customers around the world.

Spare parts readily available

It is always advisable to have vital parts readily available in case of component failure, or at least to be aware of the exact technical specifications of relevant parts.
Carlsen ensures complete spare part handling for all material handling systems. For each material handling system commissioned, we offer a list of recommended spare parts. One of our main points of focus is the delivery of spare parts at short notice to almost anywhere in the world in order to avoid costly down times. If you have any questions about spare parts or wish to receive an offer for spare parts, we will be pleased to assist you.